Kamado Kitchen

Gandia Blasco



This Kamado kitchen gets its inspiration from Japanese culinary tradition, with the characteristic that its

undercarriage allows the user to transport it wherever he needs.

The design consists on a trolley, made with outdoor friendly materials, commonly used by Gandia Blasco in most of its outdoor furniture features.


Contest: Gandia Blasco

Year: 2016

A fridge, to keep food fresh until eaten, could not miss in this design. Furthermore its bamboo lid (bamboo is naturally designed for strength) will make the function of the cutting board to prepare food and veggies before cooking.

The main characteristic of this kitchen will focus on the Kamado clay jar it carries on its center. Which is an evolution of the traditional Japanese cooking stove (traditionally made with stone ant tiles) now redesigned into a clay jar composed by different clay and metallic pieces than can be combined together to cook with different techniques, a large variety of dishes.