Moon Rocket

Wax kandles



Hand crafted original natural wax blend Candles. The Moon Rocket is the first product of a collection of 3 Candle Rockets. Its designs are unique and the production has being limited to ten units per color.

All the items are designed and manufactured by us, by hand, at our Barcelona studio.


Personal edition

Year: 2014


Barcelona was presented in Hong Kong as the first city invited to the Business of Design Week (BODW) 2015.

Where we were part of the Independent Design exhibition, made up of 40 pieces of emerging authors

who design, produce and market their own creations.


Barcelona Designers Collective

Our products were presented at the first edition of the Barcelona Designers Collective pop-up boutique in La Roca Village,

a project curated by the FAD that discovers, promotes and vindicates local design.